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Our Story

Though The Affordable Business is a relatively new business service our pedigree comes from over 38 years of helping clients buy and sell businesses. During this time we have learned ( and are still learning) the many do’s and don’ts when it comes to presenting a business for sale, and the many key areas that businesses buyers focus on when comparing competing businesses that are for sale. 


Our clients

 Our business selling services are best suited for

· The business owner who operates a strong organized financially viable business.

· The business owner who operates a business that has some offers of inconsistency

· The business owner who has a business in theory but really only has leasehold improvements, assets, and a small client base.

· Professional business sellers


We haven't forgotten Buyers

 Our business sourcing services are best suited for:

· Clients searching for a secondary business to complement their existing business.

· Clients searching for their first business

· Professional Business Sellers searching for particular types of businesses for their clients

· Equity Firms

The Need

With only 20% of all businesses available on the market selling, we set out to find out why so many great businesses were not being sold. What we found was that business sellers were missing the mark when it came to presenting their businesses and it’s benefits to buyers.

How do we help?


We help business owners/ business sellers who are searching for successors for their businesses, present a well-organized business opportunity that focuses on the 13 key points that both buyers and business lenders are searching for in a busines


By working with our clients our goal is to make their businesses become the measuring stick of all competing businesses that are for sale, not only in their industry, but for all similar priced businesses in general. We want buyers to walk away after seeing our client’s business knowing that they just saw a very strong business that they could envision owning.



Once our clients business are ready to enter the for sale market, we utilize our multiple marketing platforms to attract fully vetted buyers. We do all of this in a confidential fashion ensuring that our clients business’s identities are never revealed until the need to do so.

We understand confidentiality


With only 3% of the people inquiring about a business for sale being qualified or serious it is essential that your business identity remains confidential. 

You will notice navigating through our businesses opportunities ads that they are generic in description. We have developed a system that provides enough initial information for interested buyers but keeps our clients identities protected

How we can help

Our services


 Different business sellers/owners require different types of business selling help. With that in mind we provide different services to fit different needs.

Our Concierge Service. 

Full service This two-tiered service is for the business seller who wants to work with experienced business selling professionals to take care of all of the ins and outs of selling a business and to provide full intermediary services. 

Clients will also enjoy all of the benefits of The Affordable Business Partners marketing platforms, buyer vetting systems, plus ongoing free consultation.

Calgary…Red Deer...Kelowna…and coming soon to Edmonton

For sale by owner. 

DIY Business Selling This service is for the business seller who want to save on paying commissions, reduce areas of concerns for buyers  and are confident in following a A-Z turn-key step by step process, which includes full usage of The Affordable Business Partners marketing platforms, buyer vetting service and ongoing free consultation.

Business Professionals.  

This service provides Business Brokers with business selling insight as well use of our multiple marketing platforms for their client’s business opportunities, buyer vetting systems, plus ongoing free consultation.

Free Business Sourcing Service. 

This free service helps serious business buyers find business models that fit their buying criteria. For more information please visit our Buyer’s Page located on this website.

Please note All of our services and marketing platforms can now be customized by location throughout Western Canada.

For more information on how we help Business Owners find qualified buyers for their businesses, visit our Sellers Page

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