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Our Story

The Affordable Business Partner was started in October 2017, and was designed from the experiences and relationships developed over the last 38 years as Business Owners, Business Brokers and Business Marketers.    


What we do?

Using our large network of business buyers, and our marketing platforms we connect buyers and sellers  of business opportunities throughout Alberta. 

Our clients range from Private Business Sellers and Buyers, Equity Firms, and Commercial Real Estate Professionals mostly in Alberta. ( We do have clients throughout Western Canada)


How do we help you?

In a nutshell we offer 2 Services

 We search for the person that would be interested in buying the business opportunity you are selling. 

We also search for specific business opportunities that fit our business buying clients. 

Our Clients

Private Business Sellers and Buyers located throughout Alberta

Private Equity Funds

We have several professional clients that we work with that are searching for certain types of business investments

Professional Business Sellers

We work for several Business Professionals who understand the need to implement the latest in marketing strategies to help them find buyers for their clients business opportunities

Selling a business is easy. Finding a buyer is not!


We have a plan

We have been helping others sell and buy businesses for over 38 years. We have a great understanding on how to connect quality buyers with business owners looking to sell. 


Finding a buyer

With only 1 out of 5 businesses listed actually selling the days of placing a couple of ads and finding a buyer for your business simply doesn't work 


We deliver quailified buyers

We only introduce vetted qualified buyers to our business sellers, saving our clients time to run their business.

We understand confidentiality


With only 3% of the people inquiring about a business for sale being qualified or serious it is essential that your business identity remains confidential. 

You will notice navigating through our businesses opportunities ads that they are generic in description. We have developed a system that provides enough initial information for interested buyers but keeps our clients identities protected

We listened to our clients and learned lots!

We thought we were pretty smart!


Over the last 38 years or so we have helped sell a lot of businesses, and thought we were pretty smart.  That was until we started building the business model for The Affordable Business Partner. Over the last year we have spoken with lots of Business Owners and asked them what they needed for help in selling a business. From these discussions we have many new services to our original business plan that we wrote for The Affordable Business Partner that we started in 2017. 

A big thank you to all of you business owners that I pestered with questions on the phone or at their place of businesses. You taught me me a lot and YES I am still learning.

It turns out that Business Sellers are looking for

Secrecy!!!!! We are business owners. We understand the many reasons why Business Identities need to be protected

Simple and Clear Contracts 

 We use a two pager

Lower fees. Enough said.

Making their business stand out from all of the others on the market.

Pricing Help. There is no use trying to sell a business if it is not priced properly.

Marketing. Sellers want to know that their business is being marketed on a consistent basis not just locally but throughout Alberta

24 hour turn around responses to interested buyers. 

Vetted Buyers. Business sellers are business owners and do not want to waste time with non serious buyers. Neither do we

Partnerships. By working together and sharing ideas we increase our chances of finding the right person to purchase your business.

Flexibility. Sellers want different services and pricing options that fit their needs.

Experience. Sellers want to work with companies that only focus on selling business opportunities

Transparency. Buyers for the most part focus on two items when looking to purchase a business. What type of return will they make, and if they have the skill set to operate the business as well as the current owners.

Are you serious about selling your business?

We are


If you are ready to sell your business in Alberta, or maybe you just need to get some information on selling your business, make yourself a coffee and please give us a call. I promise you that the phone call will be informative and positive.

Call Gil at 403.708.0903 to learn more on how we can help you

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