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I have been involved in the business selling industry for close to 40 years now. After selling my Business Brokerage in 2015 and taking a couple of years off I decided to start a business selling service in Alberta that would help business owners and business sellers increase their chances of selling a business.


The need

 Most business owners are unaware 

of a dismal statistic in the business selling industry. On average the likelyhood of selling a business is a very low 20%, which means 80% of all businesses listed for sale do not sell. Yes you read that right 80%! 


We were very surprised to learn that many business owners thought that selling a business was similar to selling a home. ( Which is not the case)

We have also learned that the majority of business owners totally underestimated the time and effort required to properly prepare a business for sale

Over the last 2 years I spoke with thousands of Business Owners, Buyers, and Sellers

The 4 main reasons why business owners wanted to sell their businesses

  1. Retirement
  2. Lost their passion
  3. Other interests
  4. Moving

The 4 main reasons why buyers  wanted to buy a businesses

  1. Tired of their careers.
  2. Entrepreneural Spirit. 
  3. Build a financial future for their family.
  4. To be rewarded for hard work.

I also learned that

Though there were many "buyers" there were very few who understood what was required by them  before shopping for a businesss.

That business owners in most cases thought their businesses were worth much more than what the market and economy dictated.

There is a need to change how businesses are sold!

Sellers need to be more involved in the overall selling process.

There is a much better way to sell a business

We built a plan


 We don't sell hamburgers, shoes, or printing materials. We help business owners and business sellers sell businesses. (We have been doing it for close to 40 years)

We do this differently than most.  We have a step by step plan that simply makes cents (Sorry I couldn't resist)


 Selling a business takes team work and a plan. You supply the information, we build the plan

Whether you are a business owner or professional seller needing help in selling a business visit our sellers page to learn more on how we can help you .

Buyers we haven't forgotten you. Check out our buyer's page

We understand confidentiality


With only 3% of the people inquiring about a business for sale being qualified or serious it is essential that your business identity remains confidential. 

You will notice navigating through our businesses opportunities ads that they are generic in description. We have developed a system that provides enough initial information for interested buyers but keeps our clients identities protected

Sell Your Business in 45 Days!


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