Welcome to The Affordable Business Partner.

Welcome to The Affordable Business Partner.

Welcome to The Affordable Business Partner. Welcome to The Affordable Business Partner. Welcome to The Affordable Business Partner.

Providing affordable, innovative Business For Sale by Owner services throughout Alberta & Saskatchewan. 


Changing the way businesses are sold


Hello and Thank you for visiting. Hopefully our paths will cross in the near future

I have been involved in the Business Selling Industry close to 40 years and have recently semi-retired. Over the last year I have been working with business owners to develop helpful, unique and affordable Business for Sale by Owner business selling services.


For business owners who prefer to handle the sale of their business themselves, I offer several marketing,consulting and listing options to assist in the business selling process.

For my professional business sellers, I offer confidential, quality and vetted introductions for their client’s businesses.

I have a plan


 I provide personalized business selling advice & help to business owners throughout Alberta & Saskatchewan. 


 Selling a business takes teamwork and a plan. You supply the business opportunity. I build a business selling plan, and then find quality buyers.

I understand confidentiality


With only 3% of the people inquiring about a business for sale being qualified or serious it is essential that your business identity remains confidential. 

You will notice navigating through the businesses opportunities ads that they are generic in description. I have developed a system that provides enough initial information for interested buyers while keeping my clients identities protected


The first question I usually receive from clients is" How much are your services?"

I think the first question should be

 "What do I need to do to make my business stand out from all others that are for sale in a crowded marketplace?


Need some help with the sale of your business?

Call Gil @ 403.708.0903 or complete the contact box below. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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