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Who can we introduce you to?

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Our Story

The Affordable Business Partner was started in October 2017, and was designed from the experiences and relationships developed over the last 38 years as Business Owners, Business Brokers and Business Marketers.    

What we do

Using our large network, and our marketing platforms we connect buyers and sellers of rural and municipal businesses and commercial property throughout Alberta. 

How do we help you

In a nutshell we try to find the person that you need to meet and then introduce them to you, which will hopefully result in a successful business transaction for all involved. 

What do Blueberries have to do with business?

Sharing the Blueberries

   Every successful business transaction starts with an introduction.

That is what we do. We find and introduce business people to business opportunities.

We do this in several cost effective ways while working with both Private and Professional business buyers and sellers. Our thinking is that some blueberries are better than none and in the end we all benefit from working together.

We are a new company with 38 years of business buying and selling experience that is looking to continue the growth of our network of business buyers and sellers and to provide our clients with new business opportunities.

Our Clients

Private Business Sellers and Buyers

located in both Alberta rural and larger city centers

Private Equity Funds

We have several professional clients that we work with that are searching for certain types of business opportunities

Professional Business Sellers

We work for several Business Professionals who understand the need to implement the latest in marketing strategies to help them find buyers for their clients

Selling a business is easy. Finding a buyer is not!

We have a plan

We have been helping others sell and buy businesses for over 38 years. We have a great understanding on how to connect quality buyers with business owners looking to sell. 

Finding a buyer

With only 1 out of 5 businesses listed actually selling the days of placing a couple of ads and finding a buyer for your business simply doesn't work 

We deliver quailified buyers

We only introduce vetted qualified buyers to our business sellers, saving our clients both time and frustration

We understand confidentiality

With only 3% of the people inquiring about a business for sale being qualified or serious it is essential that your business identity remains confidential. 

You will notice navigating through our businesses opportunities ads that they are generic in description. We have developed a system that provides enough initial information for interested buyers but keeps our clients identities protected

We provide many different options to help you find a buyer!

We think differently

Whether you are selling a chain of restaurants, an agricultural business, or an independent bookstore, we offer many different business selling options, at cost effective price points that are well suited for both private and professional business sellers. We are confident that one of our plans will well for you.

What our clients are looking for

Most asked for businesses 1,000,000- 20,000,000



Commercial Malls



Car Washes


Oil Services

Most asked for businesses 50,000-1,000,000

Food Franchises

Private Restaurant

Fast Food

Gas Stations ( Rural)


Liquor Stores

Rural Businesses

We are starting to see an increase of buyers looking for rural type businesses in smallers centers that offer great value, and a slower way of life.

Are you serious about selling your business?

We are

With the large amount of businesses for sale in the Alberta marketplace, business sellers need to increase their chances of selling by having their businesses stand out and to be seen by as many buyers as possible.

We do that! Find out how

Call us at 403.708.0903 to learn more on how we can help you

Need help in finding a business to buy?

Having difficulty in finding the right business?

We can help you find the right business. Our service is free. Yes Free!

Few things we need to know before we start our search for you

Are you searching for a business in Alberta?

Are you ready to buy now?

Do you have financing in place?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions we can help

Contact us using any of our contact boxes at the bottom of all of our pages and we will contact you to get things moving along

Thank you for visiting us

We appreciate that you took the time to visit with us.

Let's get started in helping you meet the person that you need to meet to make your goals a reality!

How can we help you sell or find a business?

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