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Providing Virtual Business For Sale by Owner services, Buyer's Due Diligence help, and Business finding help.


Providing affordable virtual commercial real estate services


With over 40 years of business selling and buying experience The Affordable Business Partner provides Alberta & Saskatchewan clients with Business for Sale by Owner, Business Buying, and Business Finding help.

Business For Sale By Owner


Close to 90% of all business owners choose to sell their businesses on their own. There will be many how, what, who and why questions that need to be answered by business owners. The Affordable Business Partner can help answer all of those questions and find quality buyers too?

Business Buying help


Because of the many years of business buying experience The Affordable Business Partner is able to guide business buyers through a series of processes designed to gain a better understanding of the overall health of a business and possible hidden problems and expenses prior to the completion of  a purchase .

Business finding help


For many private business buyers finding the right business can be challenging. By reaching out to our large network and  using our marketing platforms we help buyers find businesses that match their buying criteria

How does The Affordable connect buyers & sellers?


Each week The Affordable Business Partner publishes a newsletter that goes out to a network of thousands of Alberta & Saskatchewan subscribers who are interested in business buying or selling. 

The Affordable Business Partner also uses a variety of marketing and social platforms designed to attract a steady stream of new like minded business clients to our network.

Who does The Affordable Business Partner help?


  • Both city and rural Alberta & Saskatchewan Business owners needing help in finding buyers for their businesses.
  • Business buyers needing experienced business buying help before completing a business purchase.
  • Business owners looking for a partner.
  • Business buyers searching for a business. 

Have a business buying or selling question?

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The Affordable Business Partner

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