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Every successful business transactions starts with an Introduction

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Our Story

The Affordable Business Partner was started in October 2017, and was designed from the experiences and relationships developed over the last 38 years as Business Owners, Business Brokers and Business Marketers.    

Over the years we have established a large business network of Investors, Business Professionals and Private Buyers & Sellers, throughout Alberta

We do not sell Real Estate

The Affordable Business Partner is Alberta's Premier Commercial Real Estate Introduction Service. 

Each day we are contacted by Private Business Buyers and Sellers, P&E Firms, Commercial Real Estate Sellers, and Trust Companies all looking to meet someone new to do some type of business with. 

In a nutshell we try to find the person that you need to meet and then introduce them to you, which will hopefully result in a successful transaction for all involved.

Whether you need a partner, an investor, a buyer for your business or a business to buy we are here to help.

Our business model is always evolving and as our network grows so will our capacity to introduce new opportunities, which hopefully will help you achieve your goals.

If there is an opportunity that you are searching for, or you are looking for help in finding someone that would be a perfect fit for your business opportunity let us know. 

What do Blueberries have to do with business?

Sharing the Blueberries

   Every successful business transaction starts with an introduction.

That is what we do. We introduce business people to business opportunities.

We do this in very cost effective manner. Our thinking is that some blueberries are better than none and in the end we all benefit from sharing the blueberries.

We are a new company with 38 years of commercial real estate experience that is looking to continue the growth of our network and to develop old and new long term relationships with like minded business people.

Who can we introduce you to?

Our Services

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Selling Professionals

Through our variety of marketing services and our ever growing business network we are a perfect match for Business Selling Professionals. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow.

Private Sellers/ For Sale By Owner

 Selling your business? Having difficulty in finding a buyer? We offer 4 different selling options with one goal in mind. Finding qualified buyers for your business. 

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The Affordable Business Partners.......... 38 years in the making!

We have just begun! Each day we meet new business people and learn about new business opportunities.  

Who can we introduce you to?

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