Selling your business?

It is time to sell


 Congratulations it is time to sell your business. Lots to do and think about.

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. With only 2 out of 10 businesses on the market actually selling , it is vital that Business Owners and Business Sellers increase their chances of selling their businesses by taking the time to properly present their businesses to buyers. 

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What does shoes have to do with selling a business?

Business owners forget


Many business sellers confuse what they want from the sale of their business with what the buyer needs from the business sale. Business owners (and many Professional Sellers) tend to overlook one of the Golden Rules of business when selling a business.

Business sellers should not only understand the needs of the buyers but also the buyers' fears that come from purchasing a business.  

Successful business sales start with business owners walking in the shoes of the buyer.

So how did we get so smart?


Over the last 38 years we have been involved in hundreds of business sales and have communicated with thousands of business buyers. This has helped us understand buyers buying processes and their thoughts behind their business buying habits. We used this information to help us design our Sell Your Business in 45 Days.

While building our program we uncovered !

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