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After 40 successful years of being in the business selling industry, and having been involved in hundreds of business sales, I set out in 2019 to design a For Sale by Owner business selling service different from the traditional services available. My service is based on partnering with business owners, each having specific roles in not only getting the business ready for market, but also roles throughout all stages of the business selling process. The end results is using the smarts of two parties working towards one result. The sale of the business.  

Business owners have different levels of business selling experience and require different levels of business selling help. I provide straightforward, personalized and effective Business for Sale by Owner services with affordable price points for both municipal and rural business owners.

Organizing you and your business. One reason why many business sales are not successful is that business owners rush businesses to market. Buyers want to see a well-organized business that they can envision owning. 

Scheduling. Being a business owner for over 40 years I understand that operating a business takes a lot of time and effort. I have developed a system that not only accomadates business owners busy work schedules, but also keeping the business selling process on track.

Valuations. With the changes in the economic environment in Alberta & Saskatchewan there are many competing business opportunities available, with fewer qualified buyers available. While there are many opinions on how to value a business, the first step for business owners is to be clear on why they are selling their business. Once motivation is established the next step is to ensure that the business is competitively priced. 

Marketing. Aside from my network of over 6,000 business buyers & sellers that I communicate with each week, I use a variety marketing platforms refined over the last 10 years. These platforms not only ensure the constant marketing of my clients business opportunity, but also keep my client’s brand and identity confidential. 

Vetting Services. Unfortunately, approximately only 3-5% of all inquiries regarding a business opportunity are of the serious nature. My service vets all buyers prior to any interaction with business owners. This provides my business selling clients confidence that they will be sharing information with qualified buyers who have the capacity to buy their businesses.

Consulting. Selling a business truly takes teamwork. I am always just a phone call away throughout the entire business selling process. My goal is the same as yours. To find the right buyer for your business. 

With over 40 years business buying & selling experience, I offer business owners an affordable alternative business selling option. 

If you are considering selling your business, or in the process of selling your business with minimal results, please contact me directly to discuss the benefits of working together.

I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Thank you for your time.

Gil Poulin

Your Affordable Business Partner. 

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