We do things a little different here at The Affordable Business Partner.

We started out doing research on what was good and bad when it came to selling or buying businesses and set out to change things .

Different types of services for


Different types of business selling clients

At The Affordable Business Partner we hear from 3 different types of business owners looking for help selling their businesses

Veteran Business Seller

This type of business owner has sold businesses before and can handle  all aspects in showcasing their businesses to buyers. They hire us to find buyers who are qualified and a good fit to take over their business. We offer this type of service.

Busy Business Owner

This type of business seller still wants to work with buyers directly but needs help in getting their business ready and organized for sale, plus help once a buyer  has been found working through the business selling process. We offer this option as well.

Leave it to the Professionals

This type of Business owner wants someone else to handle the sale of their business. We provide options for this type of service as well.

Professional Sellers

We also work with Professional Sellers as well and provide many support services and marketing platforms not easily found elsewhere.

Buyers want information

One of the biggest complaints we hear from buyers that visit our website are that the listings are too generic. We do this for a couple of  reasons.

Reasons number 1. 

To protect the indentity of the businesses we marketing. Unfortunately only 3% of all inquiries we receive( this is also the approx. business selling industry average as well) are from buyers who are qualified. 

Imagine for a second that you were selling your business and people who were not qualified to buy your business had access to the name of your business, and your confidential and financial information. Imagine that some of these buyers might actually be your competition. 

Reason number 2

Business owners are busy running businesses and only have a certain amount of time to spend with buyers.. By using our services, they spend quality time meeting with serious buyers. 


Simple Process for Buyers