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American Opportunities

Since we started The Affordable Business Partner in September 2017 our focus was to find opportunities for our network throughout Alberta and now BC 

Because of our growing marketing platform, we are now starting to get inquiries from both our Canadian network and American Brokers.

We are not sure how this part of our business will grow, but we are more than happy to present opportunities as they present themselves.

American Businesses and Franchise Opportunities

Fashion wholesale apparel sourcing business 4,999,999 (US Dollars)

 With over 30 years of design experience, this company has solidified itself as one of the fastest growing providers of private label manufacturing and designs services for some of the most world renowned names in men’s high end formal and casual wear brands-like Cavallini, Ted Lapedous and Hugo Boss to name a few. One of the strengths of company is its world wide sourcing.  

Its sales force consists of 14 reps that operate nationwide and are paid on commission. Having the sales force on commission not only helps to drive sales, it also eliminates the cost associated with having W2 employees (i.e. taxes, insurance, retirement and office expenses). The company operates out of a 10,000 sq.ft warehouse  

Health Care Supplements and Anti-Aging products, E-commerce website, and distribution 5,600,0000 (US Dollars)

In 2014 a team of Doctors, Pharmacists and Estheticians set out on a journey to create healthy medically proven quality Health Care Supplements and Anti-Aging products. After many years of trials and testing they have combined their knowledge and resources to present to the world their Proprietary Quality Medical Grade Health Care Products. 

This team of Doctors, Pharmacists and Estheticians have teamed up with one of America’s Leading Supplement sourcing companies to produce their entire line of products. All products are produced adhering to strict American standards which provides confidence in buyers globally. All products are FDA tested and approved. Our Professionally built E-Commerce Website has been built with global purchasing in mind. We have relationships with first class Courier Companies to ensure that the delivery of the product globally is first class. 

All of our packaging has been professionally designed to showcase our quality product line.    

As mentioned the owners of this company are health care providers, not business operators, and now understand that in order for this Turn Key business to thrive worldwide, it will be best suited for a business minded company that has developed an E-Commerce and networking presence in the USA, Asia and throughout Europe.     

Texas Oil & Gas Wells Investment 600,000-1,200,000 US

Project 1. 

Investment level 250,000 US Dollars 

Opportunity to invest in a Texas Oil Well Development. Seller is offering a 25% equity interest in a Oil Well that is currently being developed. 


Investment would go towards the completion of the well, and for the Frac Services required to extract the gas and oil reserves. 


After the project is completed Investor will recoup 100% of the Oil & Gas revenues less expenses. Once 100,000 has been recouped by the investor they would be involved in receiving 25% of the profits produced for the life of the well. 


Estimated production of the well is at 2,000 MCF per day with 100 barrels of oil. 


Option 2.  Investment level 1,200,000 US Dollars

Seller will sell 100% Equity in 2 Texas producing natural gas wells and one disposal well. Seller will take care of the day to day operations for the new owner at a fee to be negotiated. Average monthly cash flow for both wells over the course of the last 25 months is approximately 38,000.00. These wells also produce 4 oil loads per year which adds another 40,000.00 of revenue each year.  


Oil Wells. Texas -Louisiana-Mississippi USA

Investment Level 19,600,000 US Dollars

An opportunity to invest in a privately-owned Oil Drilling Company is now available. The principles of this company offer extensive experience in Fracking as well as in the exploration and locating of positive oil reserves. 


Investment will be used for

$19.6 $MM will allow for the completion and frack of 5 wells. Once those 5 are online the cash flow from operations will cover the next 10 wells for a total of 15 wells  


What is the expected return?

At 100% working interest 75% NRI expected undiscounted ROI per recompletion is 3.43 from the production revenue. If you add in the potential mineral value created with the proven locations around a new producing well the ROI could be 5 or greater. 

American Franchise Opportunities

American Franchises looking for Canadian Partners

We are currently building relationships with several well established American Franchise Models who are looking to partner with experienced business persons or companies who are interested in helping with the development of their brands throughout Western Canada.

If you are looking for an investment alternative, perhaps becoming a Canadian or Provincial Master Franchise Developer may be an option.

These investments can offer long term passive income along, with other profit centers. 

If we can help introduce you to these type of opportunites please let us know. 

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