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High End Liquor Store Investment 390,000 plus Inventory


Opportunity to purchase a well run and established Liquor Outlet in an Alberta progressive town. When the owner first opened this store back in 2012 it was during a boom time in Alberta and business grew and the business prospered until 2016.  


With the opening of a couple of competing new outlets, plus the slowdown in the Alberta economy in 2016 sales growth slowed down. Instead of making    excuses, our client spent considerable time and money over the next few years to learn new & different ways to increase clientele, retail sales and profits. 


The results from the lessons learned by the owner is that this well operated business has experienced increased sales & profitability over the last 3 years.  


This business is located in a busy commercial area close to Walmart and other leading retail and franchise brands. Add in the owners 25 hour work schedule, extensive leasehold improvements and you would be hard pressed to find a  Liquor Store of this quality and value 


Our client is willing to work and share lessons with the new owners to ensure many more successful years to come. 

Financial Information 

Monthly lease costs: $ 4891.25 

Common area costs: $1075 

 Time remaining on the lease: 14 years 

Approx. Gross sales: 2017 $537,156 2018 $ 726,949 2019 $1,060,000 

Normalized Net Income: With the business being operated by owner 6 days per week yearly income will be in the 150,000 range. 

More detailed information is available for interested parties once a buyer’s  profile and NDA has been completed. No phone calls please.

Alberta Night Club Investment 249,000


Opportunity to purchase a legacy Night Club located in a progressive Alberta City. Owners have decided after several years of ownership to move out of the country and to a new adventure. 


New owners will inherit a Nightclub that has roots going back 30 years and a business that generates strong numbers year after year despite being open only 2 days per week. Add in that the owner closed and updated the premises for much of 2020 and buyers will be investing in a business with little leasehold    improvements required over the next several years. 



Interested buyers in this business would benefit greatly by extending business hours and being a more hands on owner than the current owner who only works approx. 25 hours per week. 


Owner is willing to look at all serious offers and may consider passive real       estate trades. 


Financial Information Gross sale: 2019 Closed for renovations 2017  975,000  2018 873,000 Normalized Net Income: 2017 254,000 2018 223,000 Premise Size: 4000 SQ. FT. Monthly Lease: 6,000 + GST Common Costs included. 


More detailed information is available for interested parties once a buyer’s   profile and NDA has been completed. Thank you. 

Calgary area. Mobile Appliance Repair Business 125,000


The owner of this business has built a life style/ work balance over the years with a typical day starting at 7:30 am and ending around 4:30 Monday through Friday. This business enjoys limited competition, and word of mouth referrals  by providing well priced and exceptional services for it’s clients.  


Business at a Glance 

 Yearly average sales of approx. 260,000  Net profit of approx. 140,000  2015 Tradesman Vehicle comes with the sale of the business 

 10% of sales are derived from contract work 

 Well known and recognized brand  throughout the service area for over 40 years 

 Business affords excellent lifestyle/work balance 

 Services communities surrounding the Calgary area. Interested buyers would require a Journeyman Ticket in Appliance repair 


If you are searching for a solid family business that is well priced, provides a nice balance of work and family time while delivering strong returns you should put this business on your must-see list.  


Smoke House Full Service Restaurant 250,000


Busy Northern Alberta Smoke House Restaurant/Lounge is now available for purchase. This newly built 55 seat restaurant (that also has a separate Banquet room) is located in a Northern Alberta town with a population base of 5,000 and is nicely located on a busy main highway roadway, next door to a busy hotel. 


This  absentee owner restaurant/lounge (lounge seats 65) offers buyers extensive new leasehold improvements, customized equipment that provides this business an advantage over all competitors, that produces impressive monthly average sales of 60,000 during the first 3 months of operation. Sales for the first 100 days is in excess of 200,000 


Calgary Craft Brew House. Equity Partner Wanted


Investment Level 350,000-650,000

Unique opportunity to invest in an award-winning Calgary Craft Brewery. With one of the original partners deciding to move in another direction our client is now searching for an equity partner who understands the value of team playing and who can offer complementary marketing and sales skill sets to continue the growth of this business. 

With the Brewery producing at only 25% of capacity and with the start of the growth of the brand outside of the Alberta borders, for the right person this is an incredible long-term investment. 


A more detailed information package is available for interested parties once a buyer’s profile and NDA has been completed.  



Alberta Agricultural Manufacturing Plant SOLD SOLD SOLD

Northern Alberta Property Development 975,000

Alberta RV & Cabin Resort 2,950,000


Opportunity to invest in well-established Alberta RV Park & Cabin Rental Business. This 87 site RV Park located within an hours drive from Edmonton would be a perfect business for a couple who is not yet ready to retire but want to   operative a business for only 5-6 months of the year, or for an energetic couple who wants to not only make a nice income, but is interested in adding new revenue streams to this business while working year round.   


The current owners over the last 17 years have developed a business model  that provides an income and work/life balance that best suits them and would work well for a couple who would enjoy the same type of schedule. 



Financing options for interested buyers Since this family has been dealing with the same Bank for the last 17 years and  that they are very familiar with the year to year cash flow  of this business, the bank may be able to organize financing for this business with buyers providing 35% down and amortizing over 20-25 years. 

Family Entertainment Equity Partner required.

Investment Level 6M-20,000,000

Our client is currently searching for an equity partner, to expand their Calgary entertainment business. 


The current business facilities sit on 20 acres of land and caters to family, students and corporate team building clientele. 


The business which is currently only open for 80 days per year, generates close to 1,000,000.00 in revenues with no marketing in place. The owners have    identified a variety of year-round entertainment/amusement time proven products that they would increase both public interest and revenue streams. 



Calgary Home Maintenance Franchise 725,000


Excellent Opportunity to invest in a well established Home Maintenance Franchise. This 18-year old forward thinking company has experienced continuous growth year after year, because of their commitment in providing their loyal and growing clientele base excellent service while providing added value to their homes.  

After 18 years the owner of this turn-key business has now decided to sell his business and spend more time with family. This presents an excellent opportunity for a person/company to invest in this industry leader while benefitting from the 25 years of experience that the franchise provides.  

The Seller and franchise will support a positive transition for new owners including all aspects of the operation, industry knowledge and business relationships. 

Central Alberta Metal Fabrication 850,000 CONDITIONALLY SOLD


This Central Alberta( 40 minutes east of Red Deer) family business has been providing high quality Metal Fabrication, Welding Sandblasting and Paint Services for over 11 years. The current owners have decided to sell their business due to having too many interests. They feel the business will flourish with a hands on owner. 



Buyers of this business will be not only be purchasing a business that provides excellent product and service but also inherit long standing & honest business relationships with a variety of clients.  



Business at a Glance   

 Two properties come with the sale 

 5,000 sq. ft. Welding and Fabrication Shop sits on  town lots 

 3,200 Paint and Sandblasting Shop sits on 10 acres of land 

 Sales in 2016 :757,000 and 2017: 772,209 

 Hours of operation 7am-430 pm Monday—Friday 

 All Tools and equipment is included in the sale 

 Sellers will work with new owners to ensure a smooth and successful        transition from buyer to owner 


Business at a Glance   

 Two properties come with the sale 

 5,000 sq. ft. Welding and Fabrication Shop sits on  town lots 

 3,200 Paint and Sandblasting Shop sits on 10 acres of land 

 Sales in 2016 :757,000 and 2017: 772,209 

 Hours of operation 7am-430 pm Monday—Friday 

 All Tools and equipment is included in the sale 

 Sellers will work with new owners to ensure a smooth and successful        transition from buyer to owner 

Calgary Mexican Bistro 290,000

Grande Prairie Franchise Restaurant. 549,000


Are you are searching for a slower pace in life, and earn a nice living in a community where your children and are safe? The owners who are wanting to return to Calgary to be with their family, originally purchased this popular breakfast, lunch & dinner Family Franchise Restaurant business in 2017. Over the next 2 years the couple hired great staff, improved the service and became active in the community. Sales grew from 900,000 in 2017 to current sales in the 1,300,000 range. 

The business which was opened in 2015 was strategically located in a newer section of town, which is now experiencing surrounding retail and industrial growth that will help with the continuous growth. 

Business at a glance: 

Building Size: 3,300 

Monthly Base Rent: 9369.75  Cam costs 1286.29 

Lease Term: 6+5+5 

Deposit held by Landlord: None 

Financial Information:  

Gross Sales: $ (2018)  1,267,232.59  (2017) 1,026,536.40 (2016) 971,421.65  

Adjusted Net Income: (2018) 175,974   (2017 )(4 months of ownership) 67,018 

Hours Open: Mon– Fri 6 am - 9 pm , Sat 7 am- 9 pm, Sun 7am - 8 pm 

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