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One recurring word that we tend to hear from business buyers is the word “Fear”.

Buyers are fearful…

· Of not having the skillset required to operate the business moving forward.

· That the business will not be able to provide a strong return for their investment.

· That the owner is not telling the whole truth about the business.

· That they are paying too much for the business?

At The Affordable Business Partner we hear from thousands of buyers each month who are interested in purchasing a business. Unfortunately many of the inquiries are from buyers who have no business buying experience or any real type of focus. 

Our free service and marketing platforms are designed to help people who are actively searching for a certain type of business, that currently have the financial resources in place, have a general understanding of the business buying process and the type of return they expect for their investment dollar.


Who can we help?

Clients searching for a secondary business to complement their existing business.

· Clients searching for their first business

· Professional Business Sellers searching for particular types of businesses for their clients

· Equity Firms

What we need from you.

If you have;

1. 35-40% of the selling price as a down payment in place (the usual amount required by lenders of unsecured business loans) plus additional capital that will be required for start-up costs associated with a purchase of a business.

2. One or two types of businesses that you are inteested in.

3. A realistic gauge of investment made and the return expected.

Our marketing platforms can help in finding businesses that fit your criteria. Please fill out the contact form below and we will start the process. We look forward to working with you soon 


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