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Each day at The Affordable Business Partner we are meeting new people and introducing others to business opportunities throughout Alberta everyday. 

Too be honest when we launched The Affordable Business Partner in October 2107 we weren't sure how it would be received.

The results so far have been fantastic. Each day our inboxes gets a little busier and our phones ring a little more. 

We can't wait to see what 2019 brings. 

If you have a question on how we can help you find a business, or perhaps you would like to meet someone that may be interested in purchasing yours or your clients business, please let us know.

We wish you all the very best in business in 2019

Calgary Alberta Daycare Company Investment level: 1,600,000

 This Top Quality Accredited Childcare facility was opened in 2015. This business offers several different types of childcare including:  

Full-Time Daycare 

Out of School Childcare   

 This business is licensed for 114 children. There are currently 5 vacancies with a 10 children waiting list, which should fill all 5 vacancies by April 30, 2019. 

 Financial Information:
Gross Revenue :
$1,378,188 ( June 30,2017) 

$1,371,445 (YE June 30,2016)

$1,270,681 (YE June 30,2015)

Estimated Adjusted Net Income $ 380-420K per year     

Calgary Fun Company Investment Level 499,000

Asset Sale

Original cost estimated at $1.3M. Opened in 2013, this Family Entertainment Center offers buyers many different revenue streams geared towards family fun. This is a perfect business for someone who has strong marketing skills and enjoys working in the family entertainment industry. This center provides many family oriented activities such as: 


 Bowling   

 Glow in Dark  

 Mini Golf        

 Toddler Playground 

 Indoor Playground Climbing Equipment       5D simulated ride theatre room 

 4 Birthday party rooms which can be adjusted for larger number of parties     Licensed Dining Room serving popular foods for kids and parents alike and much more 

Financial Information:

Gross Sales: $ 480,000 (2018) Average monthly gross sales $40k/month                 Adjusted net income: Net Income $ 20-40k 

(2018-1st Full year of operations by present own

Saskatchewan RV and Storage Unit Company 1,850,000

Opportunity to purchase a well established RV and Storage Unit business that has afforded a nice living for it’s owners for many years, with minimum amount of effort 

 This 16-year-old business , has produced consistent revenues year after year and shows little effect on revenues during economic slowdowns  

If you are searching for a solid family business which is well priced considering that the land, infrastructure and custom home have an approximate value of close to 2,000,000 you should put this business on your must-see list.  


Business at a Glance 

 133 Rental Units 

 30 RV Rental spaces available 

 7 acres of commercially zoned property 1/4 mile from city limits 

 Room for expansion 

 1626 Custom Home which was built in 2007 

 Opportunity to subdivide land parcel  

 Business affords excellent lifestyle/work balance 

 Gross revenues in the 150,000– 160,000 per year at 80% capacity 


Central Alberta Oilfield Steel Fabrication 3,900,000


Building & Land included in the sale!

Opportunity to purchase a profitable and growing Alberta Steel Fabrication company that provides construction and fabrication services. The company has evolved its business model through the downturn in the economy to rely less on field work and more on in-shop production. This evolution, combined with its semi-automated welding system, has allowed for more efficient operations and cost-savings for customers. 

Financial Summary Year ending December 31 2018 2016 Revenue 2,794,579  2017  Revenue 3,309,054 2018 Revenue 6,276,150 EBITDA (Normalized) 2016 111,012 2017 40,960 2018 728,395  


Absentee Owner Business Investment Level 3,900,000

Calgary Family Entertainment Company


Our Client 

Our client is a very successful entrepreneur that enjoys a history of building innovative and financially strong companies. He has now decided to sell this 2 year old very successful business and truly absentee business. Aside from the impressive financial strength of this business, this business was started in a very slow Calgary economy but because of the great planning by the owner and detail into delivering a quality family experience, the business continues to grow.  


Since our client lives out of Province he initially spent a great amount of time designing a business that he could operate from afar with a minimum amount of time, effort and input required. He hired strong staff to handle the day to day operations, plus utilized state of the art software to keep in touch with the daily, weekly and monthly sale averages. New owners would have the option of operating the business as is, with a minimal amount of effort or take a hands on approach and reduce management expenses. 


As mentioned our client has a track record in building successful and innovative business models that make sense. He now has decided to join forces with his family and enter into a new industry and business model which is the reasoning behind the sale. 

True absentee Ownership

We have been selling businesses for many years, and have heard many definitions of the words absentee ownership. To be honest it is very rare to come across such a well operating business that provides so little effort to operate. Our client estimates that he invests 2-3 hours per week in total to operate this business. This will allow new the ownership to take over seamlessly and to understand the day to day operations at their own pace.

Business at a glance 

Building Size: Approximately 20,000 sq. ft. 

Monthly base rent: $ 23,000/month plus $ 5,000 CAM & Utilities 

Lease Term: 5 Years ( TBV) 

Option periods: 5 years (TBV)  

Deposit held by Lessor: $49,000 

Financing: To be discussed 

Financial Information:  

Gross Sales : ( 2017) $2,560,097 

2018 ( 10 months Jan.1-Oct 31,2018) $2,085,121 

Gross Margin before Operating expenses $ 2,114,014( 2017) 

Adjusted net income: Net Income $ 867,270 (2017-1st Full year of operations) 

Net income for 2018 should be on par with 2017 

There are many business opportunities for buyers available. But few that we have seen that provides the opportunity for new growth, and returns as strong as this business does with the minimum amount of effort required.  

This business would be a great investment for: 

A private buyer looking for a true absentee business that provides strong returns. 

A partnership or equity company that is looking to balance their portfolio’s 

To several couples who collectively pool their resources and offer different skill sets to continue the growth of this business. 

Interested buyers must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 1.5M in liquid capital prior to the releasing of confidential and financial information. 



Calgary Blind, Shutter and Furniture Upholstery Company

Investment level: 85,000 Plus Inventory approx. 60,000)

Great opportunity for someone who has a passion for home design and helping people add value to their homes to become self-employed. The owner of this business has decided to retire and feels it’s time for someone new to take over her business. 


Owner’s duties include helping clients choose and create window coverings, and furniture upholstery. Business sales are earned through both Commercial and Residential clients, referrals and walk in’s to the company’s retail location. 

This 16 year old company are dealers for many quality vendors such as Graber, Hunter Douglas, Maxmar,  Alendel Fabrics, and Shade-O-Matic. 


Sales for the business have declined this past year due to the owner losing desire to put the energies required into the business and wanting to retire. 


For the person who wants to be in business for themselves, has a passion for home and corporate design and are searching for a mentor to help them succeed this well priced business may be the perfect fit. 


Business at a glance Building Size: 3000 (main floor) + 2200 sq. ft.( Upstairs -sublet) 

Monthly base rent: $ 1350/month plus CAM & Utilities 

Lease Term: month to month Deposit held by Lessor: $ 9000.00 

Financial Information: 

Gross Sales : $273,000( 2017) ; $341,000 (2016) 

Adjusted net income: Net Income $ 55,000 (2017 & 2016) 

Number of employees: 1 Full time & subcontractors 

Property Management Companies Wanted

Investment level up to 5,000,000



We currently have a Calgary Based Company that is searching for Property Management Companies located throughout Western Canada to purchase that are managing retail, office, warehouse and multifamily properties.

Investment level up to 5,000,000 is available depending on the opportunity.

If your business fits our clients criteria and you are interested in selling please contact Gil at 403.708.0903

Confidentiality assured. 

Thank you.

Red Deer. Land equity partner wanted

Investment level: 1,200,000 for 1/3 Interest in land


9.85 Acres located on Highway 2 Commercial (Gasoline Alley)  

Holding Property opportunity 

Unique opportunity to invest in a 1/3 share of a rare Red Deer commercial property. This property which is situated in the famed Gasoline Alley section of Highway 2 , offers highway frontage, and is currently  zoned Highway Commercial/Light Industrial. Approximately 40,000-50,000 vehicles pass through Gasoline Alley each day  


Our client is interested in partnering with a investor who understands that with time this 9.58 acres parcel of land will not only increase in value, but will also offer owners several future financial possibilities such as leasing the property, development the property with other partners, or a complete sale 


Current estimated values of this property are in the 3,000,000 to 3,750,00  range with a municipal land tax assessment of 3,652,380 


Partner will be expected to contribute to 1/3 of the yearly costs which are:  Annual Property Tax:  $ 58 453.06 (2018 Tax Roll) 1/3 = 19,484.00  Annual Brush Mowing: $1500.00 (on average)       1/3= 500.00 


If you are currently searching for an investment vehicle that has the opportunity to outpace the majority of opportunities available, you should definitely put this on your must see list. 


Interested parties must be able to demonstrate to our client 1,200,000 in liquid capital prior to confidential information being released. 

Calgary Vending Business 549,000 Conditionally Sold

Consistent Sales year after year


Well established vending machine business. Current owner has owned the business the last 9 years. Many of the locations are in schools. This company has built a great reputation for great service, quality healthy foods & beverages. Full training is provided. Very easy business to learn and operate. Excellent family business. 

This is a Share Sale which includes all 129 machines on locations, 2 machines in warehouse used for parts, 1 coffee machine and 1 Foosball machine with an estimated market value of $380,000 


Financing By Owner. Possible Vendor financing up to 25% 


2018 158222 

2017 144789 

2016 176,206  

Note: Dividends issued to Shareholders: 

2018 35,200 

2017 38568 

2016 66,834 

Calgary Mexican Bistro Investment Level 290,000

Opportunity to invest in a 15-year old Mexican Food Company that offers it’s clientele  a diverse and authentic Mexican menu that is not only popular with todays millennials but also appeals to both younger and older demographics as well. 


Business at a glance

Building Size: 

Retail space 1194 sq. ft. 

Warehouse Space: 1000 sq. ft.

Monthly Rent: 3980 per month 

Lease expires: 

Aug. 31 /2019 with a 5 year option

Lease deposit: 1 months rent

The family who started this business wanted to offer Calgarians  fresh, organic, simple and fresh Mexican food. They have done that and more.  From their humble beginnings this company has grown. 

  Sales could be grown by opening on Sundays and adding a Liquor License.

 Gross Sales: 

(2018) 412,000 

( 2017) 408,182

Adjusted Net Income: 

(2018) 93,000 

( 2017) 86,000

Number of employees: 

3 Fulltime and 1 Part-time 

Hours of operation: Monday– Friday 9am-7pm. Saturday 9-6

The family that are selling this business are simply wonderful, and are interested in helping the new owners with a successful transition. 


If you are searching for a business that continues to grow by word of mouth, a business that offers several options to grow if wanted, and a business that you would be proud to own, this business should be on your must see list. 


Grande Prairie Franchise Family Restaurant. 599,000

This business continues to grow.


Are you are searching for a slower pace in life, and want to earn a nice living in a community where your children and are safe? The owners who want to return to Calgary and their families, originally purchased this Franchise Restaurant business in 2017. Over the next 2 years the couple hired great staff, improved the service and became active in the community. Sales have grown from 900,000 in 2017 to current sales in the 1,300,000 range. 

The business which was opened in 2015 was strategically located in a newer section of town, which is now experiencing surrounding retail and industrial growth that will help with the continuous growth. of this business.


The owners as well as the Franchise will work with their successors to provide 5 Star training and plus valuble insight that will ensure that the new owners will continue to be as successful as they are. 

If you are looking to invest in a nice family business that you will be proud to own, then this business should be on your must see list. 

Calgary Grocery Retailer Investment 6,999,999 Plus Inventory

Opportunity to invest in well-established larger sized grocery store located in Calgary. This business has shown a consistent growth year after year and in 2017/2018 enjoyed sales of approximately $12 million.  


 Business enjoys strong profit margins 

 Excellent relationships with specialized vendors which insures new and exciting product lines for it’s customers 

 20,000 Sq. Ft. of retail floor space at very attractive lease rates 

 30 Well trained, full time and part time staff in place 

 Strong management in place. 

Interested buyers For qualified buyers there is a 3,500,000 pre-approved loan in place. 


Buyers must be able to demonstrate a minimum net worth of 3,000,000 prior to the seller prior to confidential and financial information being released. 

Central Alberta Craft Brewery 2,500,000


Rare opportunity to invest in a Craft Brewery. 

Partners have decided to move in a different direction and now realize that this Modern Brewery should be operated by someone who has a passion for Craft Beer and good food 

All the construction, hard work and growing pains are now in the past and this business is now starting to show a positive cash flow position.


This 3 year business is very well equipped with state of the art equipment , offers a great location that provides steady drive by traffic, and has been professionally designed. 

This business would be well suited for an owner operator of an existing Brew Pub/Restaurant looking to expand it’s operations, or a passionate couple who are looking to build a long term viable business by offering it’s clientele a variety of crafted beer, and an exciting food menu. 

Calgary Family Entertainment Opportunity 1,000,000


Partner required

17 year old Family Entertainment Company is currently looking for an equity partner in order to expand its operation. This unique business, provides a strong consistent return on its sales of over 600,000, which is produced within a very short period of time each year. 


A fair market valuation of this business is in the 1,000,000 range. Owners of this business are looking for an equity partner to provide an additional 1,000,000 in capital to finance expansion and other revenue opportunities that have been made available to this company.  


The present owners are very well versed in this niche business, and can demonstrate to interested parties a solid and progressive business plan. 

What our Buyers are looking for in Calgary

Up to 1,000,000

 1. Profitable storage business

2. RV Storage with good cash flow

3. Profitable Lube-Tire business

Up to 750,000

 4. Profitable Convenience Store in good location

5. Profitable Dry cleaning

6. Profitable existing Car wash

Up to 500,000

 7. Profitable existing Wellness center / massage clinic

8. Profitable existing Hair/nail saloon

9. Profitable existing Jugo Juice, Marble slab, Kernels and similar franchise business

Wanted Calgary and surrounding area. Motorcycle Dealership

Investment level dependent on the opportunity

We have a Private client looking to purchase a Motor Sports Dealership in the Calgary Area. Our client will consider all Alberta locations but would prefer communities Red Deer and south to High River and Strathmore west to Cochrane. 

If you are considering selling your Dealership please contact Gil 403.708.0903. Confidentiality assured

Wanted Moving or Transport Company


Calgary Business would like to add a Moving Business or Transport Company Investment level of 500,000-3,000,000

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