Nanaimo Leisure Company 165,000 Plus Inventory


Have you been searching for a business that delivers a well-built time tested business model, provides an opportunity to reside in one of Canada’s all around best places to live, plus delivers a generous amount of leisure time away from the business? 

The owners of this business started out with a goal in mind 10 years ago to build a business that: 

• Will have an opportunity to experience growth each year. 

• Is a pleasure to go to work to each  and everyday. 

• Attracts great staff that not only provide great insight and skill, but also help to contribute to a great working environment.  

• Provide quality products and services that their clients rave about to others. 

By now you are probably curious what type of business this might be? 

Due to the niche of this business, we can’t tell you the type of business that is available for purchase without giving away the name of the company, but we can tell you the type of business successor that should inquire about this business. 

 Someone who currently lives in the Nanaimo area or is looking to relocate to one of the nicest places in Canada to live. 

 Someone who understands that a business priced this fairly and offers this type of overall pedigree does not come along very often. 

 Someone who loves helping clients enjoy one of their favorite outdoor leisure activities.  

 Someone who understands the value of working with others. 

 Someone who wants to love coming to work. 

 Someone who understands that a business’s true value is how all of the moving parts fit together 

If this sounds like a business you would like to own, our retiring clients will work not only work with you but will provide to you what many business buyers forget to ask for. Extensive and intelligent training so that when your day comes for you to put the key in the door, you will not only be well versed on the day to day operations but also understand the true culture of this business.   

We hope to be able to introduce you to the owners very soon.